Efficient solutions against joint inflammation

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Rheumatic diseases cause inflammation in the joints, manifested by pain and limiting movement.

Besides treating rheumatic disease, is necessary to adopt a proper lifestyle that should help reduce inflammation.


1. Overview
2. Eat fish as often as possible
3. Eat many fruits and vegetables
4. Less kilograms

Eat fish as often as possible

Diet of most of us is made up of foods that promote inflammation in the body not so many foods to help the body fight inflammation.

For example, omega 3 fatty acids contained by fish, fish oil or omega 3 supplements have an important role in inflammation. Therefore, a diet that replaces other types of meat with fish should be encouraged in people with inflammatory joint disease.

Eat many fruits and vegetables

Because they are rich in antioxidants, fruits and vegetables consumed in abundance help by reducing free radical damage effects and thus discourages inflammation in the body.

Basic recommendations for anti-inflammatory diet consist of increased consumption of fruits and vegetables, decreased consumption of saturated fat in products such as fast food, seed and seed consumption in salads, avoidance of milk products and greasy, avoiding foods processed and refined sweets. Coffee, tobacco and alcohol, producing an excess of free radicals in the body, should be avoided.

Less kilograms

Joints are increasingly tortured as individual weight increases, so people with joint pains should take care to maintain optimal weight.

If a person with joint pain has always had a weight problem is important to lose. This reduces wear on the joints, causing damage process and thus further inflammation.



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