Embryos: A Medium of Research for Stem Cells

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The fresh surveys conducted by the US government had exposed that most of the fertility clinics leave the donors of egg in dark about the use of the embryos drawn from their eggs as a medium of the research for stem cells. It was disclosed by the researches in a journal on Fertility and Sterility, though such researches are widely opposed and considered as moral crime in America. It was detected that nearly 2% fertility clinics in US, do not possess a consent form for donor of women eggs. Even most of them which have consent forms filled by the donors of women eggs and use excessive embryos for research purpose, do not tell the donors about the use of their embryos. Very few of the fertility clinics that used the embryos for research have told to the donors about the use of their embryos for research purpose.

“The survey shows that only a minority of IVF (in vitro fertilisation) clinics mention to egg donors who are donating for the sake of treatment (as opposed to research) that resultant embryos might ultimately be used in research,” said study co-author Gerald Owen Schaefer of the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland. “An even smaller minority mention stem cell research explicitly.”

Gerald and his associates had declared in a paper that the donors must be informed before they donate their eggs about the use of their embryos for the research of stem cells to let them decide for donating their eggs with their consent as some of them might donate their eggs for their fertility treatments but other might donate it against handsome money.

“We recommend that all IVF clinics that provide some embryos for research inform egg donors about the possibility of such research (including stem cell research, which is particularly controversial),” Schaefer told Reuters Health by email. That agrees with several organisations such as the National Academy of Sciences and the International Society for Stem Cell Research.

Some of the ethicists in the biological field, who remained aloof with the modern researches for stem cells, told that telling the donors about the use of their excessive eggs in researches may or may not be capable of altering the decisions of the donor women.

Thus, embryos from the donated eggs of the donors, which remain spared from the treatment process of their fertility problems, are being used for the researches for the stem cells.




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