Energy drinks and their effects on health

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Energy drinks, like almost all other drinks and foods that reach the stomach, should not be consumed in large quantities because of side effects they may have on the body

We definitely don’t prohibit the consumption of such drinks, but we recommend only in special situations (exams, you’re tired of driving, you need to complete an important project at work, etc.). Basically this product is used in special situations and should drink water instead. All well and good, but an Australian study says that energy drinks lead to cardiovascular diseases.

Positive effects of energy drinks

There are some positive effects, the worst is that these drinks are often consumed along with a cigarette!
* Increases the power of concentration and reaction speed;
* Person will be more calm and patience;
* Increase metabolism speed.

These effects can be acquired and if you drink coffee or carbonated beverages, but also their effect will disappear and then you will become lethargic, edgy and to overcome these feelings will drink again.
Should be noted that in comparison to coffee, energy drinks are harmful because of other artificial ingredients that makes your energy to explode.

When should avoid energy drinks?

* If you are pregnant or breastfeeding;
* Sensitive to caffeine;
* Anxiety;
* You are exposed / stress;
* Suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome;
* Have high blood pressure;
* Diabetes.

Extra energy without energy drinks
People are not naturally constantly tired or angry – need to know the reason for lack of energy causes and prevention of this state.

Factors that simply terminates your “energy”
* Choosing lower-quality food and less healthy;
* A stressful lifestyle;
* Negative emotions;
* Fatigue;
* Lack of exercise.

Content of energy drinks

1. Taurine – an amino acid that is usually produced by our body and especially in muscle, brain, heart and blood. A person weighing 70 kg, has naturally about 70 g of taurine distributed throughout the body, which is 70 times more than a box of taurine energy drink, which contains 1,000 mg.

2. Glucoronolactone – is a carbohydrate, a kind of sugar, the human body produces glucose. Role in energy drinks is to combat fatigue and give a good feeling.

3. In moderate amounts, caffeine has beneficial effects on the body, stimulates its psychological and physiological functions, improves reaction speed and vigilance. Also, during physical activity, caffeine stimulates fat burning.



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