Environmental Pollutant and Obesity

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The quantity of perflurooctanoic acid, which is an environmental pollutant if found in mother’s blood during their pregnancy, is expected to enhance the threat of obesity in their daughters upon reaching the age of 20 years.  These results came from a current research of Danish women in which an Institute of Public Health from Norwegian participated. In present decades, there has been an elevated increase in the figure of obese children and adults all around the world. It is assumed that exercises and diet cannot alone clarify this enormous weight increase. Researchers have recommended that the growing levels of endocrine disrupters in the surroundings are a significant contributing factor. Hence this research was recognized and found the below mentioned:

  • Mothers, if had high concentration of PFOA in blood stream during their pregnancy, were likely to have daughters who will gain weight in their 20’s. This was found absent in those girls whose mother did not have this pollutant in their blood during their pregnancy.
  • The measurements took into consideration many factors like lifestyle factors and weight.
  • A link was also found amid the exposure of PFOA before birth and increased levels of leptin and insulin. These are two hormones which are associated with obesity.
  • Quantity of leptin and insulin was also found high in the sons of mothers who had high PFOA, but the association was much stronger for girls.
  • There was no enhanced threat of progress of obesity among the sons.

Research has proved that food is the major source for all of us. But the indoor surroundings are found to be a significant source for others.  Polyfluorinated compounds are transferred to the child through mother during pregnancy and in milk while breastfeeding. These compounds harm human beings are considered as environmental pollutant.



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