Evaluation of Fetus’ Paternity—Possible During 1st Trimester!

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Locating out who is the father of the child in certain paternity issues might turn out to be easier with the urgency of an effortless simple blood evaluation for females who can be given in the 1st trimester of pregnancy. The paternity screening which was developed at a private biotech firm from Maryland, is planning to replace additional invasive, dangerous tests which are conducted later in the pregnancy, the developer of the test says. It is still unknown who is the father and this is what makes the pregnancy stressful and challenging for the mother. However if they know who the father is, it will permit them to make a well-educated and informed decision regarding their pregnancies. We have discovered that this can be done effortlessly, simply, inexpensively and eventually.

How the research was held?

Investigators from the Ravgen used a chemical fixative like formaldehyde, to normalize fetal DNA in the blood of the mother and generate huge amount of analyzable. Of the collected blood samples, from approximately 30 pregnant females, the investigators said that they precisely determine paternity for all of them factually.

The co-author of the research printed a procedure in periodical New England Journal of Medicine. The 30 blood tests were conducted amid October 2007 and January 2010 and the conclusions were ascertained following the babies when were delivered. Their cheeks were swabbed to observe the DNA. The mean age of the mothers was 30 years and the mean length of the pregnancy was 10 weeks during the time when the blood tests were conducted.

Findings of the research:

Processing each sample, they precisely determined the paternity for all 30 samples. The researcher said that the expenses of the procedure is contrasted to the present cost of amniocentesis however that the researcher anticipates pricing the test little less when it turns out to be popular.




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