Excellent Patient Experience in Hospital Setting

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A novel training program for the department staff of emergency at Rhode Island Hospital trains interaction skills by encouraging staff to participate in simulations of factual patient experiences. The main objective is to progress the patient experience by normalizing dual team and patient interaction in the setting of emergency department setting. The Curriculum shall be presented in San Diego, Calif which shall host the 12th Annual International Meeting on Simulation in Health care. Investigators from the Rohde Island Hospital developed a project to give fame and steadiness to the manner in which the staff of the hospital interacts with patients and with each other. This program was designed to bring together traditional teamwork along with the customer service training which is based on traditional methods.

Excellence in the healthcare is not only defined by the quality of clinical care which is offered, but the supervision of service offered to those who need also plays an important role. Over the past decade, the significance of patient satisfaction has grown. To be acknowledged as a top quality organization, it is important that besides exceptional care, they make their patients and their family realize that they really care about them. This project provided training to staff of 400 which comprised of secretaries, physicians, nurses and medical assistants from the busiest emergency departments in the nation. The project gave 7 hour interactive experience which featured three medical simulation scenarios which used both standardized patients as well as high field manikins to instruct them the concepts of customer service and Crew Resource Management.

The simulation scenarios are used to extract particular training points which shall have impact on the quality of safety, care and service. The project team collaborated with Texas Tech University College with an objective to create an internal campaign of public relations thereby encouraging the program’s message. The results were dramatic and showed impact on the ED staff works along with patients in providing exceptional patient experience with best possible care.




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