Excessive Anxiety and Its Correlation to Mental Aptitude

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Anxiety might have evolved along with the aptitude as an advantageous trait, as per a recent research by the investigators at a medical centre and few other institutions. Jeremy Coplan who is a professor at the medical centre along with some colleagues discovered that high aptitude and worry both connect with the activity of the brain which is calculated by the reduction of the nutrient chorine. As per the researchers, this recommends that the aptitude might have co-evolved with anxiety in the human beings. While excessive anxiety is normally viewed as a pessimistic trait and high aptitude as an optimistic one, anxiety might result in avoiding the dangerous circumstances, irrespective of how remote a probability it might be.

In actual, anxiety might make the individuals take no chances and such individuals might have elevated survival rates. Therefore like intelligence, anxiety might confer an advantage upon the species.

The association amid anxiety and IQ:

In this research of intelligence and worry, the patients suffering from generalized anxiety disorder were evaluated against the healthy participants to examine the association amid the IQ, anxiety and the sub-cortical white material. In the regulation group of normal individuals, elevated aptitude was linked with reduced degree of anxiety, however in those detected with GAD; elevated IQ was linked with greater degree of anxiety. The association amid the anxiety and IQ was important in both the healthy control group and the GAD group. But the association in the former was positive while in the latter, the association was negative one. 18 healthy participants and 26 GAD patients served as the subjects of the research.

The research was opted and examined by a member from the Faculty of 1000 and placed the research in their library of the top 2% of the printed researches in medicine and biology.



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