Excessive Exercise Delays Pregnancy

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Exercises are additional for women who are trying to become pregnant, however overdoing these workouts may make it difficult for the women to become pregnant – unless you are overweight, investigators report. Generally a risk factor for many health issues, being obese or overweight did not hinder the fertility in obese women who logged extreme workouts – fast cycling, running and aerobics. But the healthy weight females who performed more passionate exercises were possible to experience delays in becoming pregnant. The research was carried out by Danish and US researchers who recorded fertility and physical activity in hundreds of Dannish women.

When mild physical activity was linked with little increase in fertility rates amid the women, research author and an assistant professor Lauren Wise says. Their study discovered that elevated levels of extreme exercises were linked with reduced fertility rates in average weight females however this excluded the obese women. Wise also noted that in additional research, being obese or overweight has been linked with reduced fertility rates when compared to the normal weight women. Being overweight has also been linked with disturbances in menstrual cycle. She also says that augmented physical workout in this research may have adverse impacts of being overweight and improve the fertility rates of obese women. The exact functioning for why this physical activity augments the fertility in obese and overweight women remains unclear and the investigators do not desire to delve into this.

Various hormones are functioning around in obesity – fatty tissues generate additional female hormones, additional estrogens. Other hormones are modified into other female hormones which are in the adipose tissue. The research however does not recommend packing on calories to get pregnant. The bottom line of the research is that non-obese and normal women who desire becoming pregnant must stick to mild aerobic exercises.



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