Excessive Time Watching TV—Bad For Kids’ Diet

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Children who spend maximum time before television has worst diet overall, a recent research of the middle school students discovered. The investigators do not prove that watching television has anything to do with whatever the kids consume along with other factors like parenting style  – could prove to be much important than time which children spend on watching television. However the more television they watch, the less possible they are to consume fruits and vegetables each day and more possible they are to consume things like soda and candy, skip breakfast and eat out. Earlier researches have associated more television watching to obesity in kids as children then tend to become more active and eat more snacks.

However the co-author of the study said that problem is critical in some cases since the boys tend to be more active and also seem to watch more television. There are certain proofs that television might be one exceptional risk factor. It can be due to the metabolic rate which is very low.

How was the research carried?

Looking to understand better how watching television influences the diet, the investigators observed data from 2009-2010 where 12600 youngsters from US were examined. They belonged to grades 5 to 10 and their mean age was 13 years. The results can be found in periodical Archives of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine. The research ascertained that those individuals who saw more television were moderately more possible to consume fast food and candy and skip their morning meal. Even the consumption habits tend to deteriorate with gender, age and race. Unhealthy consuming habits were much general amid the older students than the younger ones. In many cases, the influence is very small.



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