Exercise Methods to Stop Snoring At Night

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Who said that surgery is the only way to completely remove that snoring monster inside you? Well let’s prove them wrong! In fact, there are many non-surgical approaches that can help you prevent snoring in permanently. The reason why many thinks surgery are the best procedures is because the effect may be more immediate than other approaches…but the thing is undergoing a surgery will pose a lot of threats! Making use of natural methods such as stop snoring exercise techniques can be a good way of stopping snoring.

Chewing “Gums”

This can be a good way to relax your muscles in your jaw…but what if you are not a fan of gums? Definitely, it would be okay to pretend as if you are chewing a gum. Making a humming sound while doing the chewing thing is also helpful as it relaxes the jaw and throat muscles at the same time. Doing these regularly, especially before sleeping can help you resolve your snoring issues.

Sipping Exercises

Sipping is one stop snoring exercise that many people consider. However, you really do not need to sip anything. Just like chewing a “gum”, sipping can also be simulated. Just imagine yourself sipping the best tasting coffee or coldest drink that you have fresh out of the fridge. Purse your mouth and sip for a maximum of five seconds. Doing this regularly can also further your quest to stop snoring greatly.

Flexing and Extending Your Tongue

Exercising your tongue is also a good stop snoring exercise. Stretching your tongue out at its extreme, moving it to the left, right, trying to touch your nose tip and your chin—these methods of exercise can strengthen your tongue muscles and throat too. In doing this, you can prevent the tongue from sliding backwards causing you to snore.

Close and Open Mouth

Flexing and relaxing your mouth and your muscles around it can make it stronger just like how our muscles do when we continuously work out. To do this, open your mouth wide as if a dentist is looking at your set of teeth at one glance. Gradually close it until your upper and lower lips meet together. Doing this stop snoring exercise several times will help improve your stop snoring techniques.


Yawning can stretch a lot of muscles in your mouth than any other behavior that we do. As such, when you are yawning, make the most of it and do not suppress it, most especially if you are a confessed yawner. If you are not a yawner, just pretend like you are yawning and stretch your mouth muscles out wide.

Smiling Widely

Grinning with your teeth clenched like someone’s taking a picture of you smiling is a great stop snoring exercise. Doing a big wide grin for five seconds and repeating this at least five times can help you improve your snoring habits.

If it is possible, you may form an exercise routine and try to do it each morning and each night before you sleep. This routine can be a combination of these steps. Soon enough your partner will notice how improved you are in terms of stopping your yawning “disease”. Now who says you need surgery?




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