Exercises For Low Back Pain, Chronic Low Back Pain

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Exercises for low back pain

Spine movements: Both hands, squeeze into fists, put back on its back in the kidney area, try to make the tips of the elbows touched each other. The spine has to bend like a bow. With springy movements try to bend as low as possible.

Rotation of the spine: Do this exercise while sitting. Turn your head and shoulders all the way to the right. After Appling slight pressure to perform several oscillatory movements back, as if you rotate around the axis of the spine. Then perform the same movement, only this time the left side. About 10-15 of these circular motions daily can help

Twisting: Perform in an upright position. At this time, hands should be on the shoulders, elbows slightly a little laid back, body straight. Take turns heads left and right. Fulfilling the springy motion Corps, strive to ensure that the angle was as much as possible. Repeat this same thing, only this time the left side.

Chronic low back pain

Chronic pain in lumbosacral localization gives a lot of attention both in domestic and foreign literature. The urgency of the problem is caused not only medical but also social factors. It is known that 10-20% of patients of working age’s acute back pain are transformed into a chronic one. This group of patients characterized by poor prognosis for recovery, and accounts for 80% of all health care costs for treatment of back pain

Chronic low back pain may serve as an anatomical structure, innervated Unmyelinated fibers or containing a substance P (or similar to its peptides).



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