Experts Suggest Ways to Protect Skin from the Freezing Weather

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With the setting in of the holiday seasons, the freezing cold weather which is brought by the winter season will surely make most of the individuals stay at home to keep their body warm. Other would do the opposite thing; probably some would go out of their houses and enjoy the freezing cold breeze of the air as the snow fall into the sky. But, despite this good season, there are things which must be considered especially if health is already at stake. Some experts are worried about the possible effects of the cold whether to the skin of many individuals because of the possibility of freezing accidents and dry skin.

Dealing with the cold season for others may be so difficult because of the discomfort it brings, especially talking about snow blocking the streets, and heavy rain falls. These are just but some of the things that other individuals get worried when the cold season is already beginning. Furthermore, the increase in the number of incidences in which many individuals are getting sick because of flu virus should as well be take into consideration by the general public as well as the health care professionals in many hospitals and emergency departments. It would be nice to celebrate the season healthy, rather than celebrating it with sickness and other disabilities brought about by being careless and less vigilant.

According to dermatologists, the skin should be one of the foremost considerations of many individuals when the cold season starts to set in. This is due to the damaging effects of the cold breeze to the skin which can put additional discomfort to a person.

Moreover, here are some of the tips which should be followed by those individuals who would like to prevent their skin from being damaged due to the cold weather: use thicker moisturizers for both the body and the face in order to keep the skin moist despite the drying effects of the cold weather; lessen intake or consumption of alcoholic beverages because it is not good for the skin; when cleansing the skin with water and soap, make sure to use light soap instead of using strong soaps which can easily irritate the skin; also, when drying the skin, use tap drying motion instead of rubbing it to dry; and lastly, use skin products which offers protection against sun UV rays.





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