External Hemorrhoids: How To Treat Them?

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You feel like you’re suffering from hemorrhoids? Don’t feel alienated! You are one of the many people suffering from hemorrhoids but do not have the heart to consult physicians about it… and we cannot blame you for that. Hemorrhoids can definitely lower one’s morale and self esteem because of the prejudices that people have with regard to such condition.

But then, you have to remember that a hemorrhoid is a medical condition, too and like any other medical conditions, these need to be treated and remedied. Failure to have a hemorrhoid treated can lead to many other more serious and humiliating consequences. And definitely, you wouldn’t want another similar injury to occur and add up to the burden of carrying this hemorrhoid with you.

Unknown to many, hemorrhoids are of two main classifications. First are external hemorrhoids—these are hemorrhoids located outside the anal canal and may look and feel like a normal part of the skin the external anal region. However, these may still feel painful and may also bleed. The other form of hemorrhoids is what we refer to as internal hemorrhoids. As the term suggests, these are located inside the anal orifice and also consists of anal tissues with dilated veins leading to pain and bleeding each time a person urges to eliminate.

Sclerotherapy. One of the standards of external hemorrhoids treatment is Sclerotherapy. This involves the injection or application of a chemical which will facilitate the inflammation and subsequent scarring of a certain tissue. Once the tissue has scarred, it is expected that blood circulation is already absent in that certain area and is considered non-functional. The aim of Sclerotherapy is to non-surgically “remove” the anal hemorrhoid with the use of chemicals.

Infrared Coagulation. This method is also similar to laser surgery… the only difference is that this external hemorrhoids treatment involves the use of infrared waves wherein the heat emitted will burn the diseased area. Once the part has been burnt and robbed of blood circulation, it will scar and therefore, anal hemorrhoids will be gone.

Rubber Band Ligation. This form of external hemorrhoids treatment is done through encircling a rubber band (surgical type band) around the affected site. The purpose of this rubber band is to impede and if possible, prevent blood from further circulating in the said tissues affected. By this, the tissue will die and scarring will subsequently occur leading to the recovery of the anal area from hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoidectomy. This is a surgical means of removing the hemorrhoids and is performed if the external hemorrhoids treatment stated above will not suffice the removal of the entire diseased area. In cases where hemorrhoid has also dug well inside the anus, this invasive procedure may be employed under regional anesthesia.

Ice Packs. Meanwhile, in non severe cases of external hemorrhoids, application of ice packs may be of great help since ice has a numbing, anti-inflammatory and anesthetic effect. Therefore, although it is not a definitive treatment of the said disease, it can also help lessen pain and inflammation.

External hemorrhoids are literally a pain in the butt! Treat them immediately and be free of the associated horrendous signs and symptoms.



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