Eye Color Can Tell Possible Skin Threats

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The color of eyes might be an indicator of whether an individual is high-risk for particular complicated skin conditions. A research which was led by University of Colorado displays that individuals with blue eyes are less possible to have vitiligo.

After that, say the investigators that individuals who have brown eyes might be less probable to suffer from melanoma. Vitiligo is a kind of autoimmune skin disorder which results in loss of pigmentation in irregular white patches of hair and skin. This disease is extremely dangerous type of skin cancer.

How was the research conducted?

The research is posted in an online periodical Nature Genetics. It seemed at nearly 3000 individuals with vitiligo, discovering 13 recently found genes which predispose to vitiligo. From all these individuals, around 27 percent of the individuals had gray and blue eyes and around 43 percent had brown or tan eyes and around 30 % had hazel or green eyes. This is prominently dissimilar from the standard distribution of eye color where nearly 52% of the Americans have blue /gray eyes, around 22% have hazel/green eyes and around 27% had brown or tan eyes.

Hereditarily, in many ways the skin diseases melanoma and vitiligo are polar opposites. Many of the similar hereditary variations which make them possible to have vitiligo also make one less possible to suffer from melanoma.  The autoimmune disease vitiligo is one in which the immune system of the individual attacks the normal pigment cells. We consider that vitiligo represents the daily activities of a standard procedure by which the immune system of one searches out and hampers the early cells of cancer. Individuals with vitiligo are at elevated threat of many other autoimmune diseases like the type 1 diabetes, thyroid, lupus and rheumatoid.



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