Eye Movement Not Coordinated With Arms Race

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Individuals make their eye movement later or earlier so that they can coordinate with the movement of their arms, neuroscientists from the New York University discovered. This research appeared in the periodical Neuron and it points to a brain mechanism which permits for this coordination and might have implications for prosthetics and rehabilitation. Researchers have decided to recognize the neurological processes behind the arm and eye movements. Such coordination is essential to the way dissimilar systems of the brain interact with each other and these activities are astonishingly difficult due to the dissimilarity in weight.

A better recognition of these processes might help in addressing the requirements of those individuals, who have faced brain injuries and are struggling to coordinate the movements amid the various parts of the body. An update insight in this field will result in more advanced neural prosthetics. Presently, these devices are conventional given our relatively restricted knowledge of how our brain functions to coordinate various movements. In this study, the researchers analyzed the neurological movements of the macaque monkeys. The conclusions revealed prominent coherent patterns of firing neurons in the posterior parietal cortex of the brain. These patterns were discovered in parts of the PPC which are expert for moving either the arm or the eyes.

The coherent patterns of firing might be because of the dissimilar brain regions interacting when coordinating movement. The researchers say that individuals generally think that they have a mechanism for coordination. This study by the researchers will prove that it is the patterns of movement in a particular area of the brain just preceding the two saccades and approaching that are imperative. Also their conclusions proved a coordination of movement amid the arms and eyes. The brain regulates the timing of eye movement, which depends on how much time it takes to initiate moving the arm.



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