Facial masks: Tips for obtaining a beautiful skin

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There is no secret any more that by applying the right face mask for your skin you can get a rejuvenating effect in just 20 minutes. Instead of wasting money on expensive skin treatments and lotions you can go for applying home made natural facial masks that will generally offer you the same expected result: a healthy looking skin.

Still, before applying any facial mask you should know that there are a few things you should always keep in mind if you want to get a maximum effect from your facial mask:

1.  In preparing the mask always use ingredients that are suitable for your skin type. For example: do not use olive oil if you know you have an oily skin type. Use instead aloe vera Face Maskextract, mud or clay, lemon juice. For a sensitive skin you can go for chamomile or even cucumber.

2.  Before applying the mask on the face make sure your skin is well cleaned up. By using the mask on a skin that has not been washed up you might not get the maximum effect that you expect from that mask and you might even get a skin rash.

3.  If you are using products that you have never tried before on your skin you should test them first on the inside of the elbow or behind your ear, especially if you know that your skin is sensitive.

4.  After applying the mask and waiting 20-30min (depending on how fast the mask gets dry) you should rinse it off with warm water ending this procedure with cold water so that your pores close up well. Afterwards moisturising is indicated for increasing the benefits you get out of using a facial mask.

5.  If you have acne I reccomend that you use a clay mask. Here is how you prepare it: add two tea spoons of clay powder, mix it with a few drops of water (until you get a creamy effect) in a porcelain bowl with a wooden stick (you should not use metal spoons or bowls for preparing clay mas as they don’t interact very well). Apply the creamy mask on the face keeping a certain distance from the eyes and the mouth, and wait untill it dryes out. Remove it with warm water and then rinse with cold water. You can also apply in the end an oil free cream in case you feel that your skin gets too dry.




  1. Skincare is still a huge thing these days. Whether it’s summer or winter women seem to always want their skin to stay healthy and be beautiful. This is why so many skincare companies are making so much dough!

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