Facebook Addiction—How To Spot One?

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More and more individuals are now getting addicted to the social media websites like Facebook. Investigators from the University of Bergen have developed a measuring scale to calculate the addiction of Facebook. The using of Facebook has augmented promptly. The researchers say that they are dealing with the subdivision of addiction to internet linked to social media, say the doctors about this research which is primary in its kind in the world. The researcher Andreassen led the project from the University of Bergen. This article concerning the results has only been printed in the popular periodical Psychological Reports.

She has firm thoughts as to why certain individuals develop Facebook dependency.

Young individuals more prone to threat:

It happens more daily amid the younger users than the older users. They have discovered that individuals who are socially insecure and anxious make use of Facebook more than those individuals with fewer score in those specific traits. This happens mainly with the individuals who are very anxious and find it easy to interact through the social media websites rather than communicating face to face. Individuals who are more organized and are ambitious appear to be less at threat from addiction of Facebook. These individuals frequently make use of the social media websites as an important part of work and association.

The investigation even indicated that females are at elevated threat of developing addiction for Facebook, mainly due to the features of the site. The study even showed that the addiction to Facebook was connected to extraversion. Individuals with elevated scores on the novel scale even added to have a certain delayed rhythm of sleep-awake. The investigators engaged are even working with the instruments calculating other addictions like the one which has launched Bergen Work Addiction Scale.



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