Facebook Invites Donors For Organ Donation

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Are you tired of waiting in long queues for a placement of a new kidney? The marketing consultant of San Diego, Michael Shelling has decided to take an intense role in the discovery. Around 3 months ago, the consultant decided to take the help of his social networking sites by introducing a facebook page to communicate about his requirement of the new kidney. He wanted to communicate about this to his friends and their friends, besides he also communicated that the blood group was O Positive. The discovery might have paid off and proved to be successful as a potential donor is now going to undergo number of tests to ascertain if things match.

It is a type of scenario which the Facebook anticipates to foster. Other consultants motivate the social networking sites and their users to convey if they are willing to donate their organs and display it on their individual pages. They consider that individuals can actually help in expanding the organs donation and that if they want to take part in this. They feel that this can help in providing a great help and solve the problem.

In most of the cases, individuals just do not consider concerning to become an organ donor. He expects that the individuals will add their status as donors or will add it to their Facebook Timeline, thereby increasing the awareness of the requirement for the organ donors.

Donating the organs is usually something which many individuals feel is an excellent thing, however most of the individuals feel that they still have not made this decision. In a post, the consultants said that they were motivated by how the members have used these social networking sites at times of problems or crises.





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