Facebook Usage and Poor Body Image

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Teenage girls are considered to spend significant amount of time on the Internet, possibly resulting in body dissatisfaction and low self esteem. This study was conducted by Flinders University. A psychologist from Flinders University conducted survey on 1100 teenager girls from South Australia to find out how the internet affects their senses of body image and identity. The survey determined that girls of 8-9 years of age spend more than 1 ½ hour per day on social networking sites like facebook and they had approximately 215 facebook friends and many of them had additional 600 contacts.

Around 40% of the girls reported that they were not satisfied with their weight. However the participants who gave more time to listening music, grooming and used internet actually experienced negative about themselves and their physique. They were considered to have gone through elevated level of depression and stress. Comparatively, if the girls spent more time doing their studies, they experienced positive feelings about themselves, had high self esteem and reduced depression or stress. Though magazines, TV commercials and various other forms of media are very often criticized for their depiction of females, the internet is also considered significant in shaping the teenagers and their views about their self esteem and the bodies.

The similar ideals which are presented on girl’s bodies in magazines and TV are also shown on the internet. Like the researchers, found elevated levels of weight loss and beauty product ads on websites which target young girls. The biggest issue for the girls now days is body dissatisfaction and the research has proved that the shocking quantity of time which these teenage girls are wasting on the Internet can have considerable influence on the way they view, feel and think about their bodies.



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