Facts about food cravings

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If you are craving to eat a large, fluffy and warm piece of bread is not your body lacks grain.

Food cravings do not have much in common with the need of nutrients, but a link between chemicals in the brain that trigger feeling pleasure and reward.

Cravings can be associated with texture (crunchy, creamy) and taste (sweet, salty), but all have something in common: excess food that can sabotage your diet.


1. Overview
2. Ice cream
3. Potato chips
4. Chocolate
5. Popcorn
6. Snacks
7. Bakery products
8. Red meat
9. Pasta
10. French fries
11. Peanuts
12. Coffee
13. Snacks
14. How can you control food cravings

Ice cream

People who have cravings tend to have higher body mass index – no surprise because fat foods are often the object of food desire.

The combination of creamy texture, sweetness and refreshing sensation it offers, makes ice cream in a compelling product, but expensive in terms of calories. A normal serving of vanilla ice cream has 230 calories.

Recommendations: a half cup of fruit juice ice cream has less fat and half the calories it contains a normal ice cream.

Potato chips

The combination of salty and crunchy in particular is typical of potato chips. Depending on the flavor, a serving of 30 g of potato chips contains at least 150 calories.

Eat a bag of about 250 g of chips and will absorb nearly 1,200 calories – if you exclude any other sauces eaten with chips.

Advice: eat pieces of celery or carrots with hummus. You will get crispy satisfying snack with fewer calories and more nutrients.


Many women crave chocolate regularly. There are several theories to explain this, starting from the one that refers to magnesium deficiency to mood swings.

One thing is certain, eating chocolate is a quick way to add extra calories to the daily recommended amount.

Recommendations: taste a small square of dark chocolate. It has less fat than a normal chocolate bar and helps heart health.


Sometimes, a particular activity can trigger the desire to consume food. For example you want to eat popcorn while watching a movie.

Memory plays an important role in the onset of self-control – you have enjoyed this product in the same circumstances before, so you want to enjoy the same pleasure again.

Popcorn itself can be a healthy snack, but on the cinema popcorn they add coconut oil and butter sauce. Result, increase the calories from 400 to 1200 per normal serving.

Recommendations: Avoid butter sauce.


Even if it’s more interesting watching a sporting event while you’re eating snacks, most are full of calories and fat.

Recommendations: Avoid foods such as nachos as possible (225 g nachos with cheese-900 calories) or raw nuts (225 g of raw nuts, 800 calories).

Bakery products

If you follow a weight loss diet, donuts should be the “forbidden fruit”. Research suggests that if you eat a favorite food during a week and the next one you cut them from the list, the action may increase cravings.

If you have a craving for food, better eat it in small quantities, than to remove it completely from the menu. The problem with donuts is that they offer little nutritional benefit for the amount of calories owned.

Recommendations: Try whole-grain rolls in combination with peanut butter.

Red meat

Feel that you do not enjoy a satisfying meal if it does not include meat? The good news is that you should not give up meat to have a normal weight – just pay attention to the amount consumed.

A normal steak has about 700 calories (more if you lose its fat).

Recommendations: a pork chop has 170 calories, so two chops have fewer calories than one piece of steak.


Pasta ranks in the top five meals in many countries. The problem is that most people eat white pasta that is made with refined flour and contains only one fifth of the fiber pasta with whole grains (after which more persistent feeling of fullness). Sauces for pasta can cause weight gain.

Advice: eat whole wheat pasta with vegetable sauce.

French fries

French fries are salty and a portion may contain even more than 500 calories.

Recommendation: go for a fruit salad or fruit. Or limit your intake of potatoes within 5-6 pieces.


If you attended a bar or go to a party you may be tempted to eat quite a few nuts. A cup of peanuts can achieve even more than 800 calories.

Recommendation: rather eat peanuts in the shell. Peeling action will make you eat fewer nuts.


Coffee cravings can overcome typical food cravings because it can be addictive. You can’t feel sober enough without the morning dose of coffee. Fortunately, coffee has very few calories, if not add syrup or whipped cream over it.

Recommendation: go for skim milk or soy milk and avoid adding other flavors in coffee.


If you feel the urge to eat snacks in the middle of the afternoon, may manifest a decrease in blood glucose between meals. Unfortunately, some chocolate cakes consumption is only a short term solution and in addition they are high in calories.

Recommendation: Instead, you want to have snacks, whole grains combine various proteins, such as low-fat cheese with whole wheat crackers. Healthy snacks can diminish food cravings and can help you follow the diet.

How you can control your food cravings

- Take snacks – You can try to eat healthy snacks between meals, planned carefully to satisfy both hunger and food cravings. Portion control is very important: each meal should contain less than 200 calories. The best choices include yogurt with fresh fruit, well-boiled egg, fruit cocktail, etc.

- Make exercises – Did you know that physical exercise can help you lose weight by burning calories? Now there is evidence that walking can help you eat fewer sweets, decreasing appetite for them.

- With low-carb diet – by eating fewer carbohydrates you diminish the desire to eat, and this is true for fats: those with a low-fat diet have less desire to eat fatty foods .

- Be indulgent – Do not resist sweets. Rather deprivation can have negative effects: sometimes try to enjoy a small portion of food you want. Sometimes it is enough to taste a food to satisfy cravings.



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