Facts and Tips For Healthy Sleep

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A good night sleep is essential for a holistic health and wellness in every individual. It doesn’t only fuel the brain but also gives more time for the body to repair, recharge and reactivate for the subsequent day. The hypothalamus is considered as the center of sleep-regulation, as well as the appetite center. It controls the sleep cycle and provides sleep process.

Enough sleep caters the body with active immune system to fight against diseases. However, despite the importance of sleep, many teens, young adults and adults tend to sacrifice the hours of sleep than other matters. In fact, according to the Centers for Disease Control, ranging from 50-70 million adults in the United States are not having tantamount of sleep hours.

There are many research conducted related to sleep-enough sleep and its benefits, sleep deprivation and its consequences and so forth and so forth. One research from Penn State suggests that if you do not have ample time of sleep during the previous night, you can catch it up the following night or even in the day time. Nonetheless, succession of sleep deprivation can be hard to recover. So the lesson implicated by the research was that if possible, have a time to get adequate and sound sleep.

Also, deficient sleep can trigger the loss of moisture, elasticity and softness of the skin. This is due to some chemical released by the immune system that leads to increase in UV penetration that can cause dull and wrinkled skin. The effects of inadequate sleep also contribute for the mind to have poorer comprehension, focus and attention. So, instead of having a good performance in any day-to-day activities, it will be compromised by just the number of hours you didn’t get for sleep.

Eating large amount before sleeping can interrupt the quality of sleep that one can have according to the National Institutes of Health due to indigestion that can happen. The digestive tract slows down when we are in state of sleep resulting to lower digestion rates. For those who are much concerned of their figures, eating before bedtime can cause the cortisol (body stress hormone) to be activated and aids in the deposition of fat in the belly.

It is amazing to know that our body responds to the darkness with the feeling of sleepiness. This phenomenon is due to the hormone known as melatonin. One of the articles in Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences claimed that melatonin production is triggered by Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) that can be found in chicken, sea foods, green vegetables as well as beans, dairy products and wheat and grains. To induce better sleep, this study can help improve our body’s natural sleeping pills.

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