Father of IVF, wins Nobel Prize

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The huge efforts, to cure infertility 50 years ago finally got rewarded. The British scientist, Robert Edwards, won the Nobel Prize for Medicine, thanks to his attempts on further discovering  the fertilization outside the body in 1950s, 60s and 70s.

They got finalized with the World’s first test tube baby, Louise Brown. It was previously discovered from other scientists that the rabbit’s eggs could be fertilized in test tubes when combined with sperm. But it was precisely the discovery of the father of fertilization, Prof.Robert Edwards and surgeon Patrick Steptoe, who both went through a more detailed research for IVF in humans. The pair, encountered may problems during their long “journey” like oppositions from churches and governmental facilities, and most important lack of funds. But fortunately the economics issues found their solution from privately donated funds.

The people who worked with Prof. Roberts Edwards described him as an innovator that changed the life of millions of people who couldn’t have babies. According to them he has created revolution, and they were proud to have been a part of his team for 26 years.

The first IVF baby, Louise Brown, 32, said today: “It’s fantastic news. Me and mum are so glad that one of the pioneers of IVF has been given the recognition he deserves.
This Nobel Prize is not just a tribute to a physician and surgeon, but it is much more than that..its a Tribute to the whole field of reproduction!




  1. I think he worth to achieve it because his work is making a thousand or maybe million people who cant have a baby because fertility problems could make a completed family

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