Faulty Breast Implants – Now Talk of France

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The French firm PIP which is now bankrupt and its founder Jean Claude Mas who was under the enquiry from the French police has been surrounded by the new controversy when countries around the world advised the women to remove the potentially faulty breast implants before it can do any harmful damage to their health and body. These countries include most of the countries in Europe and South America. The names of these countries are France, Germany, Czech Republic and other countries in Latin America.

While Britain has maintained that they do not think that the breast implants could do any damage, nevertheless they have advised the women, who have received the treatment of the breast implant from the NHS, can remove the breast implants with the help of the NHS without any charges. Australia is noticeably silence on this subject and have not issued any recommendations. Venezuela and the Bolivia have already offered free operation facility for these women to remove the prosthesis.

Federal Institute for Medications and Medical Products(BfArM), Germany has already given the strong recommendation that as the precautionary measure, the implants which were manufactured by the firm, which was core of the scandal should be removed and they have also advised these women to have regular and complete medical check-up to assess the damage done by the breast implants. The other countries have urged the women to go for regular check-ups regarding the breast implants.

The centre of the controversy is the French Firm, Poly Implant Prothese (PIP) who is supposed to have used the industrial-grade gel which is illegal in the manufacturing of the breast implants and led to the high percentages of the ruptured breast implants which is abnormal and has endangered the life of these women. The no. of women is about 300,00 who reside in 65 countries.

France has already advised these women to remove the breast implant and have regular and complete check-up as there is a chance of cancer and now they are further investigating in the matter. They have already detained the founder of the company, Jean- Claude Mas and are interrogating him about the scandal. According to confirmed report, the 72 year old founder has already admitted to the interrogator that in order to boost the profits, he had fooled the quality inspectors and switched the gel.

At the time of writing this report, around 450 lawsuits were filed against the company in three countries.




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