FDA Approves New Anti-Obesity Drug

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A team of autonomous experts motivated the US food and Drug Administration to permit the initial anti-drug – Lorcaserin which is manufactured by Arena Pharmaceutical. The panel voted 18-4 for the drug which functions to regulate the appetite by means of receptors present in the brain, following the trial data which proved that it assisted approximately half of the patients observe shed down nearly 5% of their body mass.  The medicine was not approved in 2010 by a committee that suggests the FDA think that it resulted in breast cancer in rats.

Gaining back the weight:

But those impacts did not show in trials on obese and overweight humans and the 18-4 vote also proved strong backup that its merits outweigh the threats. The FDA does not have to support and follow the recommendation of the advisory team tough very often it does follow. Amid those who took 10 milligram dose of this medicine, the most general adverse events were dizziness, headaches, fatigue, nausea and dry mouth. This is not at all impressive, the weight loss, however it is much better than a placebo. But when the individuals stop the medicine they tend to gain weight soon. In February, the FDA advisors even motivated the approval of a new drug Qnexa which was manufactured by California based Vivus. The similar team also rejected this medicine in the year 2010 over many safety concerns.

Many doctors have already recommended the combination of weight loss drug along with other drugs. They thought this might help the individuals in shedding their weight. Researchers have proved that the individuals on diet can shed up to 10 percent of their whole body mass when taking the medicine and doing regular workout and following a healthy diet.



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