FDA approves of a new Mini Dose birth control pill

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The Food and Drug Administration or FDA has now approved the Mini Dose oral contraceptive which helps in reducing the estrogen exposure however maintains efficacy. The FDA granted support for Alesse, the latest mini dose birth control contraceptives. This medication represents latest option for various American women who wish to prevent pregnancy and thus choose a reliable Pill as their choice of contraception.

This approval is surely an interesting one in the history of oral contraceptives. The launch of Alesse can be linked with the trend towards reducing the dosage formulation of progestin and estrogen, as reported by M.D of Jones Institute for Reproductive Medicine, David Archer. Archer also added that the performance of this pill shows that we can expect high levels of efficacy and safety in this oral contraceptive with low doses of progestin and estrogen hormones.

This approval was actually based on clinical trial that was conducted on 1270 women falling in the age group of 18 to 35 years. But the study excluded all those with the body mass index higher than 35kg/ m2.

Of all the eligible women, about 13 percent of them did not fully complete the follow up, 10 percent stopped using the pill because of adverse event and approximately 9 percent withdrew from the study. In fact, Alesse is now readily available in the 21 and 28 days regimens in its Mini Pack form.

The Mini Pack has been created by Wyeth-Ayerst and highlights the smallest possible oral contraceptive packaging ever available in the markets. The product is featured with various convenient pointers in order to help the women folk remember taking the birth control contraceptive daily and also in what sequence.



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