7 tips on feeling better in lousy days

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Lousy days have not been something out of the ordinary during these last few months. As the world’s financial crisis seems to keep on ruling our lives, some of us might not feel as happy as they used to, and will tend to get a little bit moody and depressive.
In case you feel like not being yourself these days, like feeling tired and bored or even sad, here are a few things you can do in order to get yourself back on the right tracks:

  1. Think of small gains as being small steps towards success. Any tiny improvement of the current situation can be a progress and you should take advantage of it.
  2. If you feel like you need a change, go for it. Whether we are talking about a change in your looks or about a change in your lifestyle once you have decided this could bring spiritual benefits you should take full commitment. Taking only partial commitment will not bring you the full cup of happiness you have been long expecting, and only a few drops of it instead. Sometimes such changes need more than just a few minutes of quick effort; they might need a daily dose of effort. But you must admit that investing time and energy for your goals kind of makes you think you really earned your right to happiness and fulfillment.
  3. Watch a comedy. It is know that great movies can induce us a certain emotion and state of mind when watching them. So, if you feel sad try watching a comedy or even a family movie. This should definitely brighten up your day.
  4. Making good deeds. As this is a perfectly unselfish act you should go for it when you are feeling lousy. It works a hundred times better than recalling any previous compliments you have received. By doing a good deed your mind will automatically freshen up and will improve your self esteem in no time.
  5. Visit your friends. Spending time in the society with people that support and understand you might take your mind away from the daily problems and might even open you the gates towards certain opportunities that would not have popped up for you if you would have stayed alone at home.
  6. Listen to music. Turn on the radio or play your favorite CD – this can make you feel like dancing and put a smile on your face.
  7. Do some exercising. Whether it is jogging, swimming, or just intense house cleaning it will be more likely that you will feel better about yourself. I’m not saying it, studies do! So, try some action on your own or with a close friend if you do not feel like going on your own at the pool or in the park for jogging and you will feel a lot better afterwards.




  1. I like your tips. I have to concentrate on small gains or I will give up! LOL..

  2. I really like those tips and I think they all work well! My favourite ones are the three last ones (visit your friends, listen to good music, and exercise).

    I would like to add another one: eat chocolate! If you eat a little piece of chocolate every day, it will help you become happier. But don’t forget to brush your teeth after you eat chocolate, because in those hard financial times you don’t want to get a big dentist bill!

  3. These are all good tips. As a caregiver to my 86-year-old father, there are times when I need any one of these.

    I would add a couple of tips that work for me: every day I read the newspaper, but especially the comics. I cut out the funniest and when I have several I mail them to a family member. Anything can brings a smile helps me relax.

    Talking to certain family members (not everyone, just the positive people) and exchanging pix and videos via cell phone, especially of my grandson, is a tremendous help.

    Also, I love to bake and when I feel stress I end up in the kitchen. Burying myself in a good book helps.

    I think that anything we can do to relax and pull away from whatever causes the stress really helps. I agree with Anto, chocolate works for me!

    Great post – reminds us that we do have options. We don’t have to remain in the negative or stressed out. We can make choices at least for a little while that can help us relax and get a better perspective on our situation.

  4. MedLady,

    Is there some medicine might help someone to cope with the hell of stuttering?


  5. Fay Robinson says:

    I like all your tips very much and they offer great advice. So I try to visit your site once a week!! My tip for feeling better in this global downturn is: GRATITUDE!!! Count those blessings (we all have them – e.g. health or love or children or food on our table, it could be anything no matter how small) Another tip is: HUMOUR (humor) laugh at something every day!! Remember bad times do not last for ever (neither do good times come to that – as this recession can attest) lol!!!

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