Feeling exhausted? Here is what you need to do in order to recharge your batteries

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Exhaustion usually does not install sudden, it conquers your organism by slow movements, until one day you wake up and feel like the daily chores will never get to an end, the work you do has nothing pleasant in it any more, the relationships at work are not like you wanted them to be any more, etc. Sometimes the symptoms of exhaustion evolve so slowly that you don’t get to notice them, but your friends and the people you work with might observe a certain change in you and will draw your attention that something is going on.

Most often the first signs of exhaustion are irascibility, insomnia, a decrease in the daily performance exhaustedlevel, or even the sensation that you might be useless.  They kind of resemble the symptoms of a mild depression. Later one physical symptoms install: headaches, fatigue, back pain, even stomach ache.

Everyone can get exhausted during a lifetime, but exhaustion occurs most frequent in people who are workaholics, who place their work in front of themselves and their family, who are not capable of controlling stress and place in balance what is best for their mental and physical health and what is not.

Now, as the world economical crisis is still going on, exhaustion shows its claws more frequent than it used to. With the Christmas holidays coming, and all the rush for buying the best gifts and cooking and cleaning for all the relatives that come for a visit everyone might feel a little bit exhausted.

Here are a few tips you should consider in order to recharge your batteries for a long time:

1. Reorder your thoughts. Make a list of what your priorities are and stick to it. You can’t always fulfill all the demands people have, so you can’t manage making everyone happy. Regain your self confidence and you will see that at the end of one day you have worked quite a lot and you have deserved your salary for that day.

2. Laugh a lot. Happiness will make your day brighter. It will lower your blood pressure, and will help you maintain a perfect immune system. Laugh with friends form your workplace, or read a comic book in your break. Anything that makes you happy is just perfect for keeping you healthy.

3. Transform your work place in a more agreeable space. If you are allowed to, place some photos of your dear ones on your desk and stick great drawings or images on the walls of the room. This will make you feel more comfortable, thus working with more pleasure.

4. Make sure you get enough sleep. If you are always working late it is obvious that your body will not be able to recharge its batteries on time. Leave all the bad thought for the next day and try to think about more pleasant things before falling asleep.

5. Pay more attention to your body. This means that you should eat more healthy foods that are rich in vitamins and low in fats and also practice sports. Exercising your body for three times a week even for half and hour each time can do wonder with your whole organism (physical and psychologically speaking).




  1. This is an excellent article with very good points.

  2. I never thought I was stressed out nor did I think I had mild depression but it looks like I do. I have headaches and backpains when I feel stressed out and “depressed”, although it’s a mild depression I sometimes feel that I’m useless. I want to get this taken care of and will be sticking to that list. Thank you!

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