Feeling tired? Here are 4 explanations for your fatigue

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Feeling tired is not something out of the ordinary. We all have days when we feel like we can’t do anything and all we want is to lie down on the sofa and relax or even take a nap. This lack of energy can be fixed usually by supplementing the diet with more vitamins or by implementing a regular exercising schedule. When tiredness does not seem to go away no matter what you do, then a medical problem might be causing all the lack of energy.

Here are 4 medical conditions that might cause tiredness:

1. Sleep disorders. We are talking here about sleep apnea and the restless legs syndrome. Sleep apnea is a condition that interferes with the normal breathing

process during the sleeping time. One of the symptoms of sleep apnea would be snoring, but remember that not all people who snore get to develop sleep apnea. During the deep sleep, the upper airways get intermittently obstructed and block the normal air inhalance and expulsion.

And as about the restless legs syndrome, well, the name of this condition tells all there is to know about how this affection manifests. If the feet keep on having

contractions and spasms during the sleep, the person suffering of this affection will not get too much sleep and will always feel tired in the morning. This condition can be genetically inherited, but it can also hide an iron deficiency.

A lot of people seem to suffer of these two sleep disorders, and a lot more are not diagnosed yet by a doctor. The good news is that medical treatment is available and so tiredness can be defeated if caused by a sleep disorder.

2. Depression. People suffering of this condition are not only ‘heart sufferers’ as many might think. Depression affects the mind, the soul and the body as well. People suffering of depression don’t complain about being sad, or about the fact that they have lost their life appetite; they complain about their lack of
energy and of the fact that they always feel tired and fatigued. Some people don’t even realize they suffer of depression. Luckily treatment exists and great results can be seen after following the doctor’s prescription.3. Thyroid affections.This small gland situated under the fine tissue layers in the neck has a major impact upon our body: it is involved in the well functioning of the metabolism, of the heart rate, mood, body temperature, growing in childhood and in energy levels. Hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism are quite frequent affections nowadays and they might be the ones who keep you feeling tired and sleepy all day long.4. Anemia. When your body lacks blood cells (most often in this case due to iron deficiency) the level of oxygen will decrease too. Red blood cells transport oxygen from the lungs towards the other organs and tissues and take carbon dioxide out from the body. If you don’t have enough red blood cells it is obvious that you will feel tired due to a minor lack of oxygen in your brain and heart. If you worry about having anemia, a simple blood test can reveal you the truth. Talk to your doctor about this and see what he recommends you.




  1. i am 34 years old i feel tired ness i cannt walk for long distance if i claim a steps or something i feel too tired i cant sit for while on the floor i will get numness in my legs why? Any soulutions is there please tell me.

    Thanks and regards,

    Madhu Ms

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