Female Killed By Drinking 8 Liters of Coke Daily

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Investigators say that a New Zealand female’s drinking habit of 8 liter of coke everyday possibly resulted in her death, a result which led this soft drink giant to consider that even water can prove to be very deadly if consumed in excessive quantity. Natasha Harris, who is a stay at home mother died due to heart attack in the year 2010. The researchers researched and concluded that she possibly experienced Hypokalemia, or reduced potassium which the researchers consider was result of her excessive intake of coke and whole poor nutrition. The signs of hypokalemia might encompass heart rhythms, as per the US National Health Institutes. The research says that the poisonous levels of caffeine, which is a compound found in the soft drinks, even might have resulted to her death, as per Fairfax.

The addiction of Coke:

The mother Harris and her partner evaluated that Harris consumed about 8-10 liters of routine Coke ever day.  The initial thing she did in the early morning was to consume coke rather than drinking bed tea and the last thing for which she opted at night was to have coke again. The husband said that his wife was addicted to coke. He also said that Harris smoked around 30 cigarettes every day and ate little food. The husband says that Harris faced lacked of energy and blood pressure problems. He also said that on the morning when she died, Harris had helped her kids get ready for school and then she suddenly slumped against a wall. He called for the ambulance immediately and also gave his wife mouth to mouth respiration, but all in vain. The researchers say that any kind of liquid if taken in excessive quantity in a cool climate will result in havoc with the organic system of the body.



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