Female With Heart Diseases and Birth to Female Babies

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Females suffering with heart diseases are more probable to have baby girls rather than male infant as per a research which was displayed recently at World Congress of Cardiology. The research even discovered that 3/4th of 216 kids born to around 200 pregnant females with detected heart disease were women.

What did the research discover?

The research exposed the gender of kids born to around 200 pregnant females with detected heart disease. 64% of these females with detected heart disease and around 19% were surviving with dilated cardiomyopathy, while around 14% had significant residual or uncorrected innate cardiac disease. These 200 females gave birth to 200 babies of which approximately 75% were girls. We recognize that this is the initial research which is focusing on the association amid the mother’s heart disease and child gender. The researchers expect that this shall result to additional research in this particular area. This is an interesting investigation. Therefore it has been proved that not the male is responsible for the gender of the child, however even the cardiac health has strong association with the gender of the child.

As the figure of females with cardiac disease is augmenting across the world, this might justify being very interesting field for additional investigation.

Heart disease and Women:

Heart disease which encompasses cardiac arrest and stroke are the biggest killer of females globally resulting 8.9 million deaths yearly. Females in middle and low income nations who develop CVD are more probable to die from this rather than the women from high-income nations. But the females do not see CVD as the greatest danger to their health and even now feel much endangered by cancer as compared to CVD. The females can however take care of their heart by exerting and taking a healthy diet.



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