Fiber Content of Common Foods

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The list below shows the fiber content of some foods:

—- Product fiber content expressed in grams *
Cooked peas, 1 cup — 16.3 g
Red beans, boiled 1 cup —13.1 g
Raspberries, Raw 1 cup — 8.0 g
Whole wheat spaghetti — 6.3 g
Oat bran muffin, Medium size — 5.2 g
Broccoli, Cooked 1 cup — 5.1 g
Beans, Cooked, 1 cup — 4.0 g
Brown rice, Cooked, 1 cup — 3.5 g
Apple with skin, Medium — 3.3 g
Popcorn, 2 cups — 2.4 g
Wheat bread, 1 slice — 1.9 g

* Fiber content can vary from one brand to another

However, some people need a fiber supplement if dietary changes are not enough or if they suffer from certain medical conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome Consult a doctor if you want to take fiber supplements.

Update: Here is another table that contains the fiber content of common foods

FoodGrams of Fiber in a 100-Gram (3.5-Ounce) Serving
Bran bread8.5
Pita bread (white)1.6
Pita bread (whole wheat)7.4
White bread1.9
Bran cereal35.3
Bran flakes18.8
Wheat flakes9.0
Barley, pearled (minus its
outer covering), raw
Cornmeal, whole grain11.0
Oat bran, raw6.6
Rice, raw (brown)3.5
Rice, raw (white)1.0–2.8
Rice, raw (wild)5.2
Wheat bran15.0
Apple, with skin2.8
Apricots, dried7.8
Figs, dried9.3
Kiwi fruit3.4
Pear, raw2.6
Prunes, dried7.2
Prunes, stewed6.6
Baked beans (vegetarian)7.7
Chickpeas (canned)5.4
Lima beans, cooked7.2
Broccoli, raw2.8
Brussels sprouts, cooked2.6
Cabbage, white, raw2.4
Cauliflower, raw2.4
Corn, sweet, cooked3.7
Peas with edible pods, raw2.6
Potatoes, white, baked, w/ skin5.5
Sweet potato, cooked3.0
Tomatoes, raw1.3
Almonds, oil-roasted11.2
Coconut, raw9.0
Hazelnuts, oil-roasted6.4
Peanuts, dry-roasted8.0
Corn chips, toasted4.4
Tahini (sesame seed paste)9.3



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