Five Ways To Beat Allergies

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Do you find yourself sneezing and itching at certain times of the year? If so, you probably suffer from allergies like millions of other people. The truth is that some people suffer from allergies year round, and the symptoms of those allergies are the same as those who suffer seasonally.

There are some allergies that are so serious that people need to consistently get either shots or pills, sometimes both. These can make you more miserable than the allergies at times, because they can make you drowsy and lethargic, and some people have bad reactions to the medication.

And staying in the house isn’t always the best option either, because there are things around the house that can make some people allergic. For that matter, there are foods that can make people allergic, and in some instances can kill.

But those are on the really serious side of things. For the majority, all that happens is we suffer some discomfort during certain times of the year, and we feel miserable for awhile. There are some things we can do, though, to help get us through seasonal allergies; some of these may seem contradictory, but that’s because not all people are allergic to the same things.

1. Keep your windows closed. Something most of us want to do when the weather starts getting good is to let fresh air into the house. However, Spring is the worst time of year for new allergens because plants are just starting to grow, and all sorts of things are in the air, including cut grass. If you’re walking around outside, you can get away from it; if it gets into the house, it’s now trapped in there, and unless you can get it out, you could be miserable for a long time.

2. Buy an air purifier. There are different types, from the ones that run air through a water filter to those ionic types that emit negative ions that are supposed to attach themselves to the positive ions of those things that bother you. Most of these don’t cost all that much, although if you have a large room you might want to pay more for one that can handle it. The technology keeps getting better with time, and most of them won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

3. Get a dehumidifier. In the spring, the weather makes things more moist, which stimulates molds, and once their airborne, they’re hard to get rid of. However, a dehumidifier will take all excess moisture out of the air and make it easier to breathe overall.

4. Use a portable mister. This is the contrary recommendation to #3, but it’s important. When the nose gets too dry, you feel uncomfortable and it’s hard to breathe. Though you don’t want all the air in the house being too wet, your nose still needs a little bit of moisture for comfort.

5. Pay attention to when you’re sneezing or itching. Many people can tell if they’re allergic to the smell of cut grass, and others will know they can’t stand it when people are smoking around them, but those are two very easily discernible scents. What’s less known are the types of plants that put out scents that may make you sneeze. It may not be the plants, but the soil or mulch that the plants are sitting in. It could be certain foods whose scents are getting to you that are only cooked in the summer, such as foods cooked on a grill. It could be the smell of chlorine in a pool. Allergies don’t usually hit you hours later; they’re fairly immediate reactions to negative stimulation. The more you pay attention, the more you’ll know what to stay away from, at least during certain times of the year.

If you follow these five recommendations, you may be able to stay away from medications and better enjoy good weather when it comes around.



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