Flu vaccine during pregnancy lowers babies chance of infection

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From results of recent researches has come out the conclusion, that taking the flu vaccine during pregnancy can reduce the infection risk in the unborn baby by approximately 40%.

As a test of this study, for the first time, will be the UK pregnant women which will be offered flu jab this year during winter.
This jab can help also against the swine flu virus, which can circulate again. It will help the baby, by protecting him for viruses in his first six months of life.

Pregnant women show a higher risk than the rest of population, for complications when getting flu.
The women, who had their flu vaccine last year, don’t need to get it again this year.
Government officials, advice that all the pregnant women must take the vaccine in a permanent basis.

In the Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescents Medicine, it was published by Angelica Eick, the head of this study that antibodies during vaccination could pass from mother to the baby.

During influenza the mortality rates in infants younger than 6 months are reported to be higher than those on older children.
During their first 6 months of life infants are not allowed to be vaccinated, that’s why this vaccine would be of great importance.



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