Flu Vaccine of Pregnant Woman Benefits Infants

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Vaccinating a pregnant woman against the virus of influenza happens to have an important positive impact on the birth weight in the babies, as per a research which got published in the CMAJ. The research, a randomized regulated trial, invoked approximately 340 healthy pregnant women from country Bangladesh in the 3rd trimester, viewing at the impact of the vaccination with the influenza vaccine on the infants who were born to immunized mothers. This was considered as a mother’s gift project looking for the efficacy and safety of the influenza and pneumococcal immunization in pregnant women in the country Bangladesh. The patients were segmented in two groups of which one group got the influenza vaccine and other got pneumococcal vaccine as a control.

The researchers then analyzed and evaluated the weight of infants born in 2 weeks. Infants who are born preterm are at an elevated risk of health and many other threats over their lives. They instituted that there are fewer infants who had born preterm to mother who had been given the influenza immune when the virus was circulated. When the virus became dominant, the percentage of preterm births was parallel in both groups. The researchers discovered that vaccination against the virus influenza during the pregnancy had a considerable impact on the average weight of the infant and the percentage of babies who were born preterm.

The researchers measured that 10 vaccines of maternal influenza were given all the year round which prevented one preterm birth, dropping the vaccinations during the time in which the virus of influenza was circulated. The research was held by a team of Bangladeshi and US researchers from various universities and hospitals. They stress that influenza vaccine should be made regular vaccination program during pregnancy.



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