Fluid Intake and Blood Sugar Level

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Obesity, sedentary lifestyle, and stress are some of the health risk that can predispose a person to certain diseases, especially high blood sugar. Many people are enjoying the pleasure of eating, in fact, for some it alleviates stress and this results to obesity. Others do not have time to exercise and just spend their time by watching their favorite movie the whole day. These are just some of unhealthy lifestyle that most of the people indulge with, resulting to lifestyle related diseases which may include having high blood sugar. Moreover, according to a new study, another health risk is identified. Those individuals who take less amount of water in a day are predisposed to developing high blood sugar.

High blood sugar or hyperglycemia as its medical term, is a condition in which there is too much or excessive amount of sugar or glucose in the blood. This happens when glucose is not being absorbed by the body cells as a result of either lesser amount of insulin present in the body or the body is unable to produce sufficient amount of insulin, and thus leaving it into the plasma. This condition could lead to a chronic disease known as diabetes milletus.

The new study which tackled about the link between drinking less water and the level of sugar in the blood examined and analyzed about 3,615 French who were adults belonging to the age group between 30 and 65. These French adults have normal level of blood sugar at the beginning of the study. About 687 of the whole study population or 19 per cent were consuming about half a liter of water every day, while the remaining individuals were consuming more than half a liter of water each day. Then, the study participants were followed up after nine years. The researchers found out that about 565 of the participants were diagnosed to have a significant elevation of blood sugar levels. Also, about 202 were diagnosed with diabetes milletus.

The researchers furthermore taken into account the water intake of the study participants. They discovered that those individuals who consume more than half a liter of water were of lesser risk in developing high blood sugar. They have 28 per cent less risk as compared to those who have consume less than half a liter of water each day.

The link between the cause and effect of water consumption and high blood sugar is still hanging. According to senior researcher Lise Bankir, of the French national research institute INSERM, the high blood sugar levels could be brought about by people reaching for sugary drink products which could further increase blood sugar levels. He added: “Drinking less of them (sugary drinks) and more pure water can only be good in my view”

Moreover, the study provides an idea to everyone that consumption of adequate amount of water is important in order to have a good health.




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