FMRI Utilized to Picture The Brain’s Action During Female Orgasm

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Indeed, brain is considered as a complex and essential part that serves as the “center and master” organ of the body. It controls, if not everything, almost all of the body functions as well as person’s perception, emotions and beliefs. The brain, being the center of body activities that are necessary for living (like breathing, temperature regulation, etc.) maintains the homeostasis or balance within every individual.

One of the recent and widely used technology in discerning brain functions and activity is called Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging, due to its availability, convenience and non-invasiveness when in use. This FMRI is used to picture out the brain’s hemodynamic response or the blood flow process in the brain as it response to different stimuli.

According to the Columbia University Program for Imaging and Cognitive Sciences, “the recent discovery that magnetic resonance imaging can be used to map changes in brain hemodynamics that correspond to mental operations extends traditional anatomical imaging to include maps of human brain function. The ability to observe both the structures and also which structures participate in specific functions is due to a new technique called functional magnetic resonance imaging, fMRI, and provides high resolution, noninvasive reports of neural activity detected by a blood oxygen level dependent signal (Ogawa, et al, 1990 a and b, 1992, 1993; Belliveau, et al, 1990, 1991).”

This mere functional magnetic resonance imaging is the tool utilize to uncover the brain’s activity during female orgasm by researchers at Rutgers University, New Jersey, USA and presented their findings at the Society for Neuroscience Annual Meeting, 2011, Washington D.C.

The FMRI detects the oxygen consumption of the brain during the course of sexual climax in a 5-minute time. A video footage of the brain activity was recorded when Nan Wise, 54, a sex therapist, who is a Rutgers PhD candidate, stimulate herself to reach orgasm. It was then a surge of brainwave excitement that was seen as the different brain parts as it becomes active and highly functioning as the woman reaches orgasm and then into its normal state.

The lead researcher, Professor Barry Komisaruk explains, as what was seen in their video footage, that there are 80 brain regions reacted during the activity and shows an incredible brain networking. Colors of dark red, orange, yellow and white are used to depict brain utilization of energy being white as the highest and the other in order follows. Almost the whole brain turned into white when orgasm was reached. Simultaneously, as the climax slows down, the brain activity turns into sinking mode.  The researchers even compare the activity of the brain as a “seizure-like” one.

The study aims to figure out the problem with men and women who fail to achieve orgasm according to Prof. Komisaruk. Moreover, the researchers also have the purpose on helping people learn how to modify their brain activity, and perhaps eventually improve their symptoms related to pain, depression and anxiety. Komisaruk commented “We’re using orgasm as a way of producing pleasure. If we can learn how to activate the pleasure regions of the brain then that could have wider applications.” trying to seek further solution to the bigger problems.





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