Food Images Stimulates Hunger

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Researchers of Max Planck for the first time have proven something scientifically, that a mere glance of food augments individual’s appetite. Further a study which was conducted on some healthy young men document that the quantity of neurosecretory protein hormone grehlin in human blood augments due to the visual stimulation through pictures of food. Since grehlin is the chief regulator, it is responsible for controlling both the physical processes and the eating behavior involved in the food metabolism. The results prove that besides the emotional mechanism for preserving the body’s energy status, there are environmental factors which have precise influence on food consumption.

It is because of this that the persisting presence of enticing food in media contributes to weight gain in western populations. One should avoid looking at the images of appetizing food since it will stimulate your hunger. It is imperative that the dieticians make recommendations along this line in the future. Researchers have proved that, besides internal stimuli, the external stimuli like smell or sight of food also influences the hunger and thus our eating behavior. Researchers of Max Planck Institute of Psychiatry scrutinized the particular physiological reaction of healthy young men to images which showed non-edible food or delicious food. The concentration of various hormones in the human blood like the leptin, insulin and grehlin were measured, since they play a significant role in the regulation of food consumption.

The findings proved that the concentration of grehlin increases in blood in response to visual stimulation with pictures of food. The findings put forward that external factors control the discharge of gerhlin into the blood to regulate the food consumption. Our brain processes these visual stimuli as well as the physical processes which control our perception of hunger. The researchers advocate that an individual with weight trouble must if possible keep away from looking at the pictures of tempting food.



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