Foods to boost your energy instantly

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Many people have a problem with not having enough energy during the day. If you are one of these people you can add a few things to your diet to give you a much needed lift during the day or night. Read on as we explore nine foods to boost your energy.

One of the best and quickest ways to get some energy quickly into your system is orange juice. If you have ever donated blood you may remember what they offered you afterwards. The place that received your blood usually offers orange juice and some cookies to replenish the temporary loss of energy some people get after donating blood. There is a good reason for this. Orange juice is one of the fastest things that provide increased sugar levels to the blood after consumption.Energy Boosting Foods

Another food that can boost your energy is nuts. Nuts that are high in magnesium can help you use the sugar you have consumed earlier. Almonds, cashews and hazelnuts are high in magnesium and also help to relax muscles, a nice side effect.

Believe it or not water is a quick way to boost your energy. If you are low on water, it saps your energy levels. Simply drinking water can allow the electrolytes that you have to be used more thoroughly. Please note that even though some colas have water, they also have too much sugar and other chemicals and are not to be considered a good substitute for good clean water.

Coffee is a the most common food that boosts energy for those in the Western World. It contains the popular ingredient caffeine. This not only increases energy but increases other functions as well. Stamina is one area that coffee can improve. The negative aspects of the caffeine are often ignored. Caffeine destroys the villi in the small intestine, according to one doctor. It removes calcium from the body and destroys other vitamins that allow the body to create energy. It may work temporarily but the side effects of coffee and caffeine are to be avoided.

Foods that are high in B vitamins are foods that have the ability to boost your energy levels. Pork is one such food. Beans are high in B vitamins. Dark leafy vegetables are high in this vitamin. There are around eight known variations of B vitamins that are distrubuted in the food supply. You will not get all of them from just one food. This means a balanced diet is more likely to give you enough B vitamins for energy than eating the same things over and over. Combining wheat germ with yogurt can give you a good mixture of energy from B vitamins. If you are not accustomed to eating foods high in B vitamins start out slowly. They will produce gas. If you consume them in high levels without preparing for them you can have un unpleasant experience.

This list of nine foods that can boost your energy level is completely natural. You may need to find an organic seller of foods to actually get the needed vitamins for a normal diet. Many foods that are grown from land that has been used for years and years is lacking in the normal level of minerals and vitamins. Organically grown vegetables and fruits should have the normal levels of nutrients for a much healthier diet.




  1. Coffee’s main active ingredient, caffeine, is widely used in over-the-counter diet pills, painkillers and stimulants.

  2. You are too right about soils today lacking many of the essential nutrients that the body requires. Selenium is a particular case in point.

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