Forecast Heart Attack With Blood Tests

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A recent blood test might be capable of forecasting a heart attack ahead it actually occurs, the developers of the test claim. The doctors conventionally depend on the treadmill depression test to forecast the heart attacks, which could be predicted in case the coronary arteries had a blockage, however not if or when shall that blockage rupture and result in heart attack. Individuals with elevated levels of misshapen circulating endothelial cells which come from the inner lining of the blood vessels might be at imminent threat for having a heart attack, the investigators say. They had never developed a way by which they could forecast a heart attack; however they are good at diagnosing it. This innovative test is the start of an important advancement and is filling a principle unmet need.

Dr. Eric Topal has filed for patent on this technology which can be used to calculate the CEC’s along with the companies who will be developing the same. He says that he expects that the test shall be available in coming 18 months. The research encompassed 44 healthy volunteers and 50 heart attack patients. The research showed that the levels of RBC of the people who are at elevated risk of heart attacks are 400% elevated than the healthy individuals. Once the cells are in the blood, the heart attack shall not occur for the coming few minutes or few days. If the researchers can avert the blood clot, then the heart attack can be avoided.

The tests can prove to be effective when individuals who are admitted with chest pain, however the conventional tests come back positive. The two expert researchers say that it will be soon to declare if these tests can be beneficial or not.



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