Freckle Cancer Facts

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Freckles are one of those distinct characteristics of blondes, red heads, Latinas and other races—in fact these are often referred to as beauty marks. Freckles are located everywhere and they are much pronounced in the face, especially in the cheeks, nose, eye area, and sometimes, they appear in the neck and upper shoulders.

Cause of Freckles

Freckles are characterized by small and round spots on scattered on the aforementioned areas and these may vary in color from light to dark brown. Many people might wander where these freckles come from and how come do these appear only in a specific class of people, i.e. blondes, red heads, etc? The appearance of freckles actually depends on two things—first is the genetic predisposition of a person. This refers to his or her hereditary traits of developing freckles. The second common cause is exposure to the sun. The more a person is exposed to the sun, the greater is the possibility of getting freckles.

Although freckles may seem so common, it may also cause some problems especially those relating to the person’s integument. Like moles or other skin disorders, freckles can also lead to the development of freckle cancer.

Is Freckle Cancer Possible?

Freckle cancer is POSSIBLE! This is actually a fact. Medically termed as “lentigo maligna” or malignant freckle, this condition is rare and uncommon, however. Lentigo maligna is a rare form of superficial skin cancer which may take time to develop into a full blown aberration. People who are exposed to a lot of sun light and UV rays for a considerable period of time, continuously or as a part of their daily routine, are at most risk of developing freckle cancer.

Complications of Freckle Cancer

When freckle cancer occurs, it should be given utmost attention… but how do we know if freckle cancer is present? The first symptom that you will notice with freckle cancer is a change in the size or color of the freckles. Thus it is important to always examine the appearance of your freckles. They may tend to appear darker and larger, which may indicate hyperpigmentation and aberration. Also, it may occur that these freckles may feel painful and tender to touch. Swelling of the affected area also occurs in some people.

Freckle cancer, when unmanaged can affect other parts of the skin and may develop into another form of skin cancer. Thus, it is best to consult a dermatologist once you feel any of these signs and symptoms.

Treatment of Freckle Cancer

Freckle cancer may be treated in several ways. If the condition is diagnosed at an early stage and is not yet extensive, you may be encouraged to undergo radiation therapy wherein the specific area will be exposed to radiation to kill the cancerous cells. Also, in cases where the condition is severe, the removal of the area where the freckle cancer is located.

Preventing Freckle Cancer

Freckle cancer prevention is easy. Be careful when exposing yourself to the sun. It is a fact that people with freckles, especially those with white complexion are most prone to developing skin related malignancies. Make sure you cover yourself appropriately when going out to the sunlight.




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