Friends’ Parents Role in Swaying Habits of Teenagers

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All know that teenager behavior is extremely influenced by friends, however a recent research has discovered that even parents of a friend can have significant impact whether or not the teenager consumes alcohol or not or consumes drugs or not. If the friend’s parents are not aware of their child’s alcohol and drug or may be more condone it, this might make the child more possible to partake also, the research discovers. Amid the friends and their groups with good parents, there is a synergetic impact – if the parents are constant and are well aware of the whereabouts of the kids and even the parents of the friends are constant and are well aware of the whereabouts of you, then you are less likely to use substance.

However in case you belong to  friendship circle whose parents are not constant and your parents are yet very constant about you, even then you are much likely to consume alcohol. This research was printed in the May Issue of the periodical of Studies on Drugs and alcohol.

How was the research carried?

The investigators surveyed around 9000, 9th graders from a rural school region about their close friends, discipline of their parents and if their parents had knowledge regarding who their friends were. Following the questionnaire, the teenagers, the investigators ascertained nearly 900 groups of friends, each made up of ten to eleven teens. After one year. The teenagers were questioned again regarding their consumption of alcohol, drugs and cigarettes.

The teenagers whose parents were constant in their discipline and normally ascertained what their kids were up to were less possible to make use of alcohol and drugs. But even if the parents were consistent and were aware of the kid’s activities, certain of that defense were deleted if their friend’s parents were clueless and lenient.



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