Fructose—A Cause of Obesity?

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A team of scientists from all cross the world have stepped forward in a just printed study which provides novel approach into how fructose results in metabolic syndrome and obesity. This metabolic syndrome is popularly called the diabetes. In a research which was conducted in lab animals, scientists discovered that fructose could be metabolized by a particular enzyme which existed in two forms. While one form is in charge for causing how fructose results in fatty liver, insulin resistance and obesity, the other form in fact defends the animals from growing these characteristics in response to sugar.

This study will provide imperative insights into the causes of metabolic syndrome which presently impacts more than 1/4th of the adults in US. This study was published in a periodical of Science. Richard Johnson said that the conclusions are imperative as they now have a better recognition of how fructose results in diabetes, obesity and many other illnesses. This study provides novel approach into how fructose might contribute and result into development of diabetes and obesity. Earlier research has proved that the fructose consumption in added sugars like high fructose in corn syrup and sucrose is strongly associated to the epidemic increase in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and obesity.

Fructose consumption also results in characteristics of metabolic syndrome or popularly called the diabetes in humans and animals. It is well known to result insulin resistance and organ fat accumulation as contrasted to starch rich diets even when calories are kept balanced.  The reviews say that as per a program a researcher mentioned the effect of metabolic syndrome on production of other cellular enzymes. Luckily the syndrome can be put to stop by cutting the sugar intake for two weeks.



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