Gaming: How It Improves Audition and Vision

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The manner in which we perceive the world helps us in ascertaining how our brain processes the sensory information. There was a meeting this week in Vancouver during which psychologist Daphne Maurer reports about a study which proves that the vision progresses in individuals who are born with cataracts in both eyes. Though these individuals get their vision corrected by procedures and contact lenses, the research demonstrates that the individuals might experience particular visual processing deficiencies in their adulthood. This report was submitted at the AAAS meeting.  But apart from these studies, the research also reveals good news. Many of these impacts can be reversed if people follow short program related to video gaming.

Following the game of action video game for only 40 hours in 4 weeks, the individuals realized that they were better at visualizing small print, the identity of faces and direction of the moving dots. These improvements showed that the adult brains are still plastic enough to be trained so that they can overcome sensory deficiencies, admits Maurer.

She is also known internationally for her work and contribution on synaethetes – people whose brains mix and link various senses. Like in one form, the adults literally hear a color. Whenever a specific note is played on the piano, they perceive a particular color. This condition is more general than the expected one and follows every generation of the family. Now these individuals are opening up novel perspectives in understanding the progression of language and perception. The work recommends that the toddlers and babies start out with primary stage of synaesthesia which usually vanishes as they develop. Maurer had to participate in three main sessions of the AAAS “The impacts of Early Experience on lifetime Functioning”. This meeting was organized by University of British Columbia.



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