General Public Encouraged To Have Flu Vaccine Shots

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The spread of many diseases has been considered by many health care professionals as a threat to the health of the general public. Hence, experts have developed vaccinations and immunizations in order to help the general public gain protection against these certain disease which can put great deal of discomfort to the individual affected by the disease.

The goal of immunization is simple, this is to enhance and boost the immune system of the general population and build a resistance for about a specific period of time. However, despite the efforts of many health care professionals, still many individuals are not yet getting the immunization and vaccine shots. This can be a problem because when seasonal diseases arise such as flu, individuals who do not have the vaccine and have low resistance can suffer the discomfort brought about by the disease.

Recently, United States health officials have urged and encouraged Americans to have their flu shots as early as possible especially that the season where the incidences of flu cases are peaking is now soon to begin. US health officials have started on Monday in their campaign and named it as National Influenza Week in order for the general public to have their vaccination shots.

For the past years, the spread of many strains of flu virus such as the H1N1 flu virus across the globe have made significant effects on the awareness and health consciousness of the general population. During the pandemic alert level of the H1N1 flu virus back in 2009, health care professionals have been too busy in making efforts to lessen the number of individuals getting the infection by widespread information dissemination and massive vaccinations.

Moreover, flu cases are always on the rise during cold season just like during Christmas. For that reason, health officials are informing the public that they should indeed get the flu shots so as to protect them from flu and have a wonderful Christmas ahead. Also, health officials are preparing enough amounts of vaccines and are hopeful that the number of individuals who will be getting the vaccine will increase before the flu season comes most especially to those individuals who are considered at the most risk to be infected with the flu virus such as the mothers, the young children and the elderly.





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