Genes Carry Key To Skin Aging

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The DNA of an individual can help dictating how their skin alters with age, says an expert. On one hand the factors like sun exposure and smoking contribute to ageing of skin, an individual’s genes can have even elevated impact, Dr. Zoe D. Draelos, says. He is a consulting professor at the Duke University School of Medicine.  The research is groundbreaking underway to ascertain the dissimilarity amid the old and young ones, says Draelos. The expectation is that by recognizing how to make old genes behave younger and how to keep the young genes from getting older, we can excellently suggest our patients on considering for their skin.

The investigators are evaluating dissimilarities in how the genes are expressed in younger and older skin and how the diet influences these genes.

How was the study conducted?

In one of the study, the pregnant mice were given a diet devoid of folic acid, which altered the expression of genes which are accountable for coloring the hair in their offspring. The unhealthy diet led to alter the black hair to blond hair in the offspring and in all coming generation. This research showed that whatever you eat has influence on your genes and hence the ageing of skin. The research displayed quiet noticeably, how certain genes are turned on and off depending on whatever you consume. As dermatologist say, they are persistently asked by their patients what they should use on their skin so that it makes them look better and younger. This coming generation of genomic based study is assisting them in ascertaining what ingredients might work best for particular skin kind and what should they eat so that it affects their skin also. The medical science carries the key in helping them look younger.



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