Genetically modified organisms – a bad habit?

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Are genetically modified organisms a bad habit? No one can give an exact answer, but most lean toward the last option.

What are genetically modified organisms?
Genetically modified organisms are obtained from plants that have undergone the process of genetic modification, ie whose genetic identity (DNA) was altered by the introduction of genes- impossible in nature – which would have predictable effects on the ecosystem and hence the human being.

In the world there are many companies involved in this process that have economic interests to sell genetically modified seeds. UK is among countries that cultivate such organisms, along with USA, Argentina, Canada, China, Australia, Bulgaria, Colombia, Germany, Honduras, India, South Africa, Spain, Uruguay, Brazil, France.

What are the major GMO crops?
Currently the major GMO crops that have significant areas worldwide are soybean (60%), cotton (28%), maize (14%) and rape (5%).

GMO effects on consumer health
There are many conflicting studies that support both, these changes improve the nutritional content of food, increase resistance to various predators, reduced allergenicity, increased productivity, but also may manifest allergic reactions , symptoms of fever, respiratory problems.

In humans there is nothing scientifically proven, but in animals was found following studies that would produce changes in the brain, immune system.

Most times we wonder if these genetically modified organisms can cause allergic reactions, but it is hard to find this theory. When eating a genetically modified food, protein products of DNA, although they are of plant or animal origin may react in the digestive tract. It remains to be seen if affects the immune system, because the digestive tract is a well-tuned immune system.

What you need to remember is that this process of genetic modification is not new and the modern techniques of genetic modification have been developed in order to improve the nutritional quality of food and destroy harmful characteristics.



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