Get To Know The Top Kidney Stone Natural Treatment

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Kidney stones can bring a lot of discomforts to a person. Among all—it may present with severe flank and back pain, as well as problems urinating. Once you have been diagnosed with kidney stones, it is important not to delay the treatment as, who knows, these may grow into larger fragments.

There are many treatments which can be employed in order to dissolve and pass out kidney stones. Making use of a kidney stone natural treatment is an effective and economical method of treating this certain disease.

Increase Fluid Intake—Our kidneys produce at least 30 ml of urine each hour. Maximizing the amount of urine that our kidneys can produce is an important kidney stone natural treatment. By increasing one’s oral fluid intake, we make sure that our kidneys produce more urine which also increases the possibility of diluting these stones.

Drink Citrus Juices—citrus juices may include lemon juice and orange juice. These juice drinks are rich in citrate and citrate is important in breaking down kidney stones. Drinking them daily in sufficient amounts can greatly increase the possibility of passing out these stones.

Coconut Water—people in the tropics have been using coconut water, the fluid part which is inside the coconut fruit, in treating kidney stones.

Onion Juice—many people have tried using onion juice as a kidney stone natural treatment. Boiling two medium sized onions in a cup of water, letting it warm and blending it using a blender is a good natural kidney stone home remedy. Be sure to strain the blended juice and remove the fragments of onions before drinking it. Many people believe that doing such will promote the passage of kidney stones during the next two to three days of drinking this solution.

Kidney Beans—who could have imagined that kidney beans can be an effective kidney stone natural treatment? Boiling a handful of kidney beans in four liters of water for six hours and letting the solution cool is a good way of naturally curing kidney stones.

Physical Activity—speaking of a less to no cost method of kidney stone natural treatment? Here’s the best thing that you can do. When we exert muscles and stretch our bones, calcium has the tendency to seep into the bones’ internal structures. As such, levels of calcium in our blood can be lessened leading to a lesser chance of getting calcium stones deposited in our kidneys.

When speaking of kidney stone natural treatment, it also includes those things which we should avoid to prevent further enlargement of these stones. Some of the things that need to be avoided are the following:

-          Alcoholic beverages and carbonated drinks;

-          Follow a low protein diet to lessen uric acid in the bloodstream;

-          Avoid vitamin C supplements; and

-          Reduce the intake of Calcium rich foods.

Kidney stones are highly treatable with a kidney stone natural treatment—this is especially true when the stones are still small in size and easily passable. Make use of these treatments and spare yourself from spending too much on surgical procedures to have these stones taken out.




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