Girls Advantage in Mathematics Through Verbal Skills

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While boys normally perform well than girls in Math and Science, some studies have discovered that girls outshine boys in arithmetic. A novel study which was published in Psychology Science, a periodical of the Association for Psychological Science discovers that the benefit comes from the superior verbal skills of girls. People generally have a misconception that boys do well in mathematics and spatial skills and girl’s benefit is language, puts forward Xinlin Zhou from Beijing Normal University. He co-wrote this study with Hao Lu, Wei Wei, Qi Dong and Hui Zhao from the Beijing Normal University. But still many teachers and parents in China say that girls outshine and perform much better in mathematic than boys in the primary school.

Along with his colleagues, Zhou conducted sequence of tests with kids (age 8-11) from 12 primary schools in as well as around Beijing. Most of the girls did much better in mathematics than boys. They were much better at math skills, which included tasks such as complex multiplication and simple subtraction. Girls also proved themselves superior in numerosity comparison by making a prompt approximation of which of the two collections had more dots in them. Without any doubt the girls performed much better than boys in acknowledging the larger of the 2 numbers and at finishing a sequence of numbers. But the boys did well at intellectual rotating 3-D pictures.

Girls were also excellent at judging, if 2 words rhymed and the researchers think that this is the main for their excellent performance in mathematics. Advanced math and arithmetic needs verbal processing. Excellent language skills can result in more effectual verbal processing in math. The researchers think that it might be possible to use these findings to assist both girls and boys learn and perform math better.



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