Global Financial Crisis Cuts Financial Assistance to Support AIDS Treatment

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The constant fight of many individuals against the debilitating sexually transmitted disease which is the HIV/AIDS is getting even strong, especially that every year, the number of people who are getting the infection seemed to be dramatically increasing. Many health related organizations and other entities are still forwarding their cause and advocacy of lessening to a certain extent the number of individuals who are being infected, also, supports in terms of having prompt and immediate treatment among those individuals who are already suffering from the disease are being forwarded.

But these treatments entails great amount of financial support especially to those individuals who cannot afford the treatment for AIDS which can slow down the disease process. More so, Global Fund announced that there will be cut in funding for AIDS treatment until 2014 because donors have failed to meet their commitments to the said organization, according to the campaigners.

Says the Center for Disease Control (CDC), “an estimated 1 to 1.2 million U.S. residents are living with HIV infection or AIDS; about a quarter of them do not know they have it. About 75 percent of the 40,000 new infections each year are in men, and about 25 percent in women. About half of the new infections are in Blacks, even though they make up only 12 percent of the US population.”

They also mentioned that “There is no cure for AIDS. There are drugs that can slow down the HIV virus, and slow down the damage to your immune system. There is no way to “clear” the HIV out of your body.”

Global Fund is considered to be one of the world’s largest multilateral funder of multiple diseases which includes: AIDS, malaria, and tuberculosis. The said organization has saved millions of lives of individuals who are affected by diseases and needs funding in order for them to be treated. The funds which are released by Global Fund actually finances the AIDS treatment for many countries including those third world countries in which there is difficulty of availing and affording antiretroviral drugs needed to slow down the disease process of AIDS. In fact, about 70 per cent of antiretroviral drugs has been financed by General Fund among the developing countries.

According to Daygan Eager, a member of the Budget Expenditure Monitoring Forum, and also campaigning for AIDS funding in southern Africa,he said: “This is not an issue of funding. It comes down to broken promises.” Eager also said that in these times of crisis where millions of people are at stake, making promises and donating to the General Fund should not be mixed with politics.

Moreover, according to the board meeting of the General Fund, the remaining funds for the treatment of AIDS will be maximized among those counties which badly needed funding such as those developing countries. Also, it was relayed to the general public that hope to fight against HIV/AIDs should not die because of this presenting problem. Still, those donor countries should follow their promises to the General Fund of having strong commitment to finance AIDS treatment.





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