Going For A Walk, Squeezes Creative Thinking

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The next time the individual is need of imaginative and creative inspiration, step out of the box or the assigned cubical. As per a novel study by the researchers from the University of Michigan, they demonstrate that if an individual engages in physical acts and experiences, it will augment his creative problem solving. Creative thinking metaphors are required in everyday life. By thinking out of the cubical, creativity follows on its own. Such advice is often given and is no strange amongst the walls of research labs, the halls of higher education, advertising teams or other contexts where revolutionary new move towards the imperative problems are valued.

The researchers then recommend that there is strong connection between the creative cognition and the concrete bodily experiences. A doctoral student of Ross School, Kim gathered a group of international researchers and investigators who conducted five studies with approximately 400 college going students. They scrutinized the psychological potential of the creative metaphors by examining if the creative problem solving is augmented when the individuals follow these metaphors. The research required the participants to produce ideas while initially holding out their right hand and next their left hand to finishing the spell task by either sitting physically inside the cubical or engage themselves in a problem solving while walking freely.

The results demonstrated that psychologically and physically embodying creative metaphors promote flexibility, fluency and originality in their problem solving. Thinking outside the cubical or thinking without any physical constraint like pacing grounds, walking outdoors might eliminate the unconscious mental hurdles which limit the cognition. The researchers throw light by showing that the personification can potentially augment, not just activate. Our mind-body associations attest not only to the processes of activation of knowledge but also knowledge generation. Symbolizing creative metaphors come into view to assist light the engine of imagination.



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